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Application of glass fiber reinforced plastic grating

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Application of FRP grid (FRP grid):

Water treatment: overhaul walkway, gutter cover plate, large container, cleaner, trash rack, water trough, biochemical water treatment pool hanger, ventilation window, stairs, and cooling tower operating platform pavement.

Chemical plant: stair treads, operating platforms, guardrails, double floors, gutter covers and filter grids.

Petroleum industry: offshore oil platforms

Textile mill: instead of metal grating and wooden platform, it covers the concrete floor, beside the bleaching and dyeing tank, floor, near this valve, etc.

Power plant: gutter cover plate, waste water pool, etc. in chemical water workshop.

Metal surface treatment: the place of pickling solution, the place around machines instead of wooden floor, the place around corrosive containers, the walkway of electroplating line and double floors.

Marine food processing plant: in harsh environment such as greasy surface and on ships.

Transportation: platforms, ship decks, walkways, military minesweepers, stair treads.

Beverage industry: stair treading board instead of expensive stainless steel.

And pulp processing plants: stair treads and floors, floors and walkways, places with high humidity.

Electronics industry: gutter cover plate, pickling workshop.

Meat processing plant: easy to corrode ground, stairs, slippery floor workbench and stair treads.

Car wash/car beauty shop: car wash drain plate, parking space and car wash gutter cover plate.

Operating platform: Many chemical plants have a large number of operating platforms, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic grating is used as the operating platform made of paving materials, which requires no painting and maintenance. Light weight and simple installation.

Walkways: Factories (such as chemical plants, steel mills, etc.) often have many walkways, some of which are passages between equipments. These walkways are made of FRP grilles, which are easy to install and clean.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic gutter cover plate: electrolysis workshop of many chemical plants and smelters, chemical treatment workshop of power plants; Pickling workshop of electroplating factory, battery factory and machinery factory; Pharmaceutical factories, printing and dyeing factories, these environments can use FRP gutter covers.

FRP grilles can be used in offshore platforms and sewage treatment plants.

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