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FRP Ladder System

Product introduction

Ladder System is designed as per the OSHA 1910.27 standard. Its cage system is determined by the height of the ladder while its anti-skid resistance secures a high level of safety. The components of the ladder system can be packed separately and shipped in compact kit form as per the installation instructions and requirements so as to facilitate the installation process.

FRP ladder and cage systems have been in continuous use in chemical plants and other corrosive environment. And they are also used in cases where ladder and cage systems are immersed in liquids, like pools, deep wells, etc.

In addition to standard ladder systems, Jinteji Technology Co., Ltd. also offers a range of customized components to facilitate the connection between ladder system and platform structure (e.g.: handrails, walls, rest platform for high tank, etc.)

FRP Ladder Size Indication

Ladders are fabricated at a standard 457mm rung width configuration with 305mm rung spacing. The ladders of varied lengths can be produced as required by the specific projects. The rungs are 25.4mm Dia. solid bars covered with grit for maximum anti-skid resistance. The whole system complieswith the strict requirements of OSHA1910.27.

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