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CSSM Clips

Product introduction

Specially designed to meet high strength requirement of connecting to support frame.Test result: No deflection of clips in condition of 1500kg/m2 load, 4 clips on square4sm panel.Using for Super Span molded as well as 25 or 38mm Pultruded.Grating with 60% opening.


Using CSSM-A with CSSM-B together in order to avoid drilling any hole in support


Using CSSM-A only, frame should be drilled on site.

This part should be used together with some other types of clip to avoid drilling holes in support frame.The black rubber gives function of protecting support bar.It can be used for both molded and pultruded gratings.

For molded grating, it can beused together with Type CM,Pawl and CG-A, etc.

For pultruded grating, it can beused together with Type F,CSSM-A, CT, CM, etc.

A steel strip can be added at the bottom of rubberin order to make the clip conducting

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