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FRP Grating

Molded FRP grille and pultruded grille are the main products of our company, which are generally used for platform, walkway construction and gutter surface laying. Among them, the molded grille can also be used as a stair board. FRP pultruded profile is the characteristic product of our company. Because it not only selects phenolic resin with better performance as the material, but also has stricter technological requirements, all indexes are obviously better than those of ordinary FRP molded grille and pultruded grille. In addition, the company also provides flat grating and conductive grating to meet some special needs. The glass fiber reinforced plastic grating produced by our company is of high quality and excellent performance, and has obtained ABS certification issued by American Shipping Bureau and DNV certification issued by Norwegian Classification Society. The glass fiber reinforced plastic grating has strong bearing capacity, light weight and easy installation and cutting. Anti-slip and easy to clean; Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and so on, so it can be used even in the demanding world shipping field.

In terms of profiles, our company provides all kinds of FRP solid rods, pipes, grooves and plate strips, etc. In addition, we will also customize inclined ladders, inclined ladder handrails, climbing ladders and guardrails for our customers, and we can combine grilles and large profiles to build platform escalator systems.

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